The main activities that the Sigismund Toduţă Foundation carries out are: the annual organization of a Musicology Symposium around May 17 (his birth aniversary) and an international Sigismund Toduţă Musical interpretation contest. Through the musicology symposium, to which personalities of the musical life in Romania are invited, an attempt is made to perpetuate the memory of the composer from Cluj and to stimulate the research of Toduţa’s creation from musicological, stylistic and aesthetic perspectives. The interpretation contest addressed to young musicians from the country and abroad aims first of all to continue the tradition of interpreting Toduta’s creation and at the same time to propagate it among the young generation of musicians; and secondly, we want to reward young musicians for their effort and involvement in the promotion of Romanian cultural creation in general and Toduta’s works in particular, thus contributing to the affirmation of representative artists in a national and european context.


In order to facilitate the access to Sigismund Toduţă’s creation there had been a series of printed materials published as it follows, all thanks to the efforts of the Foundation.

At the MediaMusica Publishing House of the Gheorghe Dima Academy of Music, Cluj-Napoca:

Piano Compositions, I-st vol: Passacaglia, Sonatina, Songs and Dances Suite, Prelude-Coral-Toccata, 1998;  under Dan Voiculescu’s care;
Piano Compositions, II-nd vol: Father Hubic, seen by Dr. S. Toduţă, Three Sketches, Ten Christmas Carols, Four Piano Compositions, Six Piano Compositions, Trenia, Terza Rima Composition, …for Peace, Recitativo; 1999, under Dan Voiculescu’s care;
Concerto for Oboe, English Horn/Oboe D’amore/String Orchestra, 2001; under Aurel Marc’s care.

At the Publishing House of Romanian Union of Composers and Musicologists:
– Sonata No.2 for Flute and Piano, 1994.

At the Arpeggione Publishing House, Cluj-Napoca:

Sonata for Flute Solo; 2000; under Dan Voiculescu’s care;
Sonata for Violoncello Solo; 2000, under Dan Voiculescu’s care;
6 Pieces for Oboe Solo; 2001, under Aurel Marc’s care;
B-A-C-H Symphony for Organ; 2001, under Dan Voiculescu’s care;
7 Choral Praeludiums for Organ; 2001, under Hans Peter Türk’s care;
Sonatine for Violin and Piano; 2003, under Cipriana Gavrişiu’s care;
Sonata for Violoncello and Piano; 2004, under Mihaela Gavriş’s care;
5 Lieds for Soprano and Piano; 2006, under Mihai Ghircoiaş’s care;
4 Traditional Songs for Bass and Piano; 2006, under Mihai Ghircoiaş’s care;
5 Lieds for Tenor and Piano; 2006, under Mihai Ghircoiaş şi Tatiana Marcu’s care;
5 Lieds for Mezzo-soprano and Piano; 2006, under Ninuca Oşanu Pop’s care;
5 Lieds for Soprano; 2006, under Ninuca Oşanu Pop’s care;
Piano Works, II-nd vol: Father Hubic, seen by Dr. S. Toduţă, Three sketches, Ten Christmas carols, Four piano Compositions, Six piano Compositions, Trenia, Terza, …for peace, Recitativo; 2007; II-nd edition;
Piano Works, I-st vol: Passacaglia, Sonatina, Songs and Dances Suite, Prelude-Coral-Toccata, 2008; II-nd edition, 2008; II-nd edition.

Opera Omnia Documenta Sigismund Toduţă

The aim of the “Documenta” collection named “Sigismund Toduţă Opera Omnia” is to gather on digital format, in princeps edition, Sigismund Toduţă’s entire composition operas. This compilation is supposed to document the entire creation of the artist, starting from the early manuscripts to the final form of his opera. The idea to entirely edit Toduta’s creation arose, step by step, some years ago, after the list of his operas and the number of his finished works had been completed. Undoubtably the promotion of his music using scores should be performed by a famous musical publishing house; but until we will be able to come up with an ideal solution the Sigismund Toduţă Foundation, coordinated nowadays by University Professor Ninuca Oşanu Pop, decided along with the musicologist Constanţa Cristescu, to scan his manuscripts, to keep them in digital format and to list them afterwards.
Thus the interpreters will be able to access a genuine score more easily, and the musicologists will have the opportunity to study the various aspects of writing from a technical and rhetorical point of view. All these steps are necessary in order to rightfully place Sigismund Toduţă’s creation among the pages of the history of Romanian modern music. The complete number of his compositions and writings, concerning their genesis, totalizes a collection of 150 manuscripts, having 200 compositions or more than 15000 pages.
Toduţă’s essays about music, gathered in 1000 pages, also very important for the Romanian musicological culture and not only will be integrated in another editing project. The main partners and collaborators of this project are The Romanian Union of Composers and Musicologists and “Gheorghe Dima” Academy of Music of Cluj-Napoca.
The material for the princeps CD editing will be systematized according to the following criterions:
1. – the type of instrument the composition is meant for: solo voice, solo instrument, choir, chamber music orchestra, vocal-symphony orchestra, opera;
2. – general thematic series;
3. – the predominant source of inspiration, declared or determined by the followers;
4. – subsidiary criterions, derived from 1, 2, 3.


By virtue of its strong commitment to the promotion of Romanian music and of Toduţă’s music in particular, the Foundation decided from its inception to award special prizes for the most outstanding performances at renowned national competitions.

Jeunesse musicales Competition, Bucharest, 1996:  Alina Pocinte (Lithuania)

Carl Filtsch International Competition, Sibiu:

1995 – Stavomir Saranok (Ukraine)

1998 – Penka Roleva (Bulgaria)

Sigismund Toduţă Romanian Music Performance Competition, Bistriţa:

1993 – Horea Haplea

1996 – Dan Alexandru Constantinescu

1997 – Radu Stefănescu

2005 – Nastasia Iacob, Luisa Rîpã, Syma Katerin Pop , Daniel Boţac

2006 – Andrei Voica, Laura Chiorean, Melinda Deac

2007 – Paul Moldovan, Laur Hrebiuc, Marton Haaz

2008 – Izabela Pop, Melinda Deac, Raluca Perşa

2009 – Diana Săsărman, Oana Mureşan, Timea Belinski, Larisa Iordache

2014 – ştefan şimonca-Opriţa, Alexandra Noemi Kisfaludi, Vladuţ Sărmaş, Radu Prisada

2015 – Cristian Niculae-Moldovan, Stefan Simonca-Opriţa, Diana Iliuţ, Denis C. Ursan

Romanian Music National Competition, Deva (Hunedoara):

2008 – Mihaela Fodor, Mira Gavriş

2010 – Raluca Adina Ilovan, Orsolya Olah

Instrumental Performance Competition, Sighetu-Marmaţiei (Baia Mare)

2014 – Ovidiu Groza

2015 – Manuela Tarmure

Young Talents Competition, Oradea:

2011 – Iulia Iacob (Cluj-Napoca)

Ferdinand Weiss Chamber Music Competition, Cluj-Napoca:

2009 – Luiza Fatyol

Gheorghe Dima International Instrumental Competition, Cluj-Napoca:

1992 – Hilda şerdean (musicology), Adriana Suciu, Cristina Muresanu (performance)

2011 – Kakaeru Khiku (Japan)

2013 – Bence Haáz (Cluj-Napoca)

Duo Pianistic Chamber Music Competition, Cluj-Napoca:

2010 – Anamaria Stamp and Smaranda Grigorian,  Cristian Duca and Bogdan Dumbravanu

International Choral Conducting Competition, Cluj-Napoca, “Gh. Dima” Academy of Music: 2008 – Rodica Trandafir

The Final Stage of the National Music Olympiad:

Cluj-Napoca, 2007 – Ionuţ Alexandru Hergane (Reşiţa, Hunedoara)

Bacău, 2008 – Alexandra Blejeru (Bucharest)


In 1985, composer Sigismund Toduţă used part of his copyright royalties to offer 10 special prizes to the best students of the Cluj-Napoca Music High School.

In 2002, the Foundation bearing the composer’s name decided to offer an annual award to the most meritorious student of the same high school:

2002 – Teodor Târlea

2003 – Georgiana Fodor

2004 – Alin Octavian Lup

2005 – Leonard Furda

2006 – Mira Gavriş, Octavia Marc

2007 – Aurelia Vişovan

2008 – Ion Storojenco

2009 – Zsofia Reman

2010 – Raluca Perşa

Scholarships Sigismund Toduţă

The desire to support the affirmation and evolution of young composers, musicians and performers, which Toduta often expressed, was fulfilled after 1992 by awarding annual scholarships to the students of the Composition – Musicology section (ANMGD), by organizing the Composition Competitions from 1997, 1999, 2015 or 2017. His noble gesture from 1985 of awarding an annual prize to the most appreciated student of the Cluj High School of Music, was resumed and continued, highlighting names that have fully confirmed themselves in Romanian music.

Musicology Symposiums Sigismund Toduţă

The musicology Symposiums organized annually in May at the Foundation headquarters or at the Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, which have become traditional, contributed decisively to the in-depth knowledge of Sigismund Toduţă’s Works. The effect of these researches was appreciated by the entire Romanian musical community through the editing of a first volume of Studii toduţiene (Studies on Toduta, Ed. MediaMusica, Cluj-Napoca, 2004), to which they contributed: Vasile Herman, Dan Voiculescu, Cornel Ţăranu, Ştefan Angi, Gabriel Banciu, Mihai Ghircoiaş, Valentin Timaru, Hans Peter Türk, Ninuca Oşanu Pop, Dorina Mangra, Hilda Iacob şi Tatiana Marcu-Oltean.